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The material of furniture products

1, AAA adopts imported wood veneer;

2, by the state environmental protection certification of E1 high density board or multilayer plywood, high quality green environmental protection product, the static strength acuity 51.2 Mpa, bibulous rate 8.1% or less;

The Taiwan "aiho 3," green polyester paint, paint on three sides of the "five" process;

4, the sino-german joint venture "countries of the east" hardware accessories;

5, using imported Italian leather, leather face gloss good, permeability is strong, has the characteristics of insect-resistant, non-slip, non-deformation;

6, using South Korea high quality fabric; Tear strength 20 n; The surface glossiness is good, permeability is strong, soft and full of elasticity, thickness > 1.2 mm;

7, the taiwan-owned "east Asia" brand high density high resilient foam quality foam, high level of flame retardant and soft, good performance, high resilience, deformation.

Solid wood products production process flow diagram




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