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Finding fault with the high-quality goods, strict and brand. Ya tai people understand "both innovating, quality win" entrepreneurial spirit, constantly strengthen the quality management and research and development work, pay attention to improve and perfect sales and service, focus on creating high-quality business hotel furniture and furniture. Elegant furniture since its founding in the development process, development, service for many well-known brands, big companies, successfully created one after another classic works. Many hotel furniture configuration design, the construction of the project, project acceptance qualified rate reached one hundred percent. Excellent grades let elegant furniture in the industry, won widespread praise from clients.

  • Yueyang junshan island island jun rings resort hotel
  • Yangjiang intercontinental HuaYi hotel
  • Xishuangbanna Anna tara resort hotel
  • Pearl plaza wuhan hotel
  • Ningxia gold sand desert theme hotel
  • 南宁桃源饭店
  • 喀什天缘国际酒店
  • 鹤岗九州大酒店
  • 汉中艾斯国际酒店
  • 北京维景国际酒店
  • Chongqing liangping deiss hotel
  • Changchun yi Tian Fupeng sheraton hotel
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